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Students of the faculty have created a students' Design Bureau for small aircraft, avionics and unmanned aircrafts. Laboratories of the bureau are used in the educational process

The faculty has a modern technical base for training: laboratories are provided with the modern equipment and special training and demonstration complexes, technical workstations; several computer classes are available, united in a two-level and local networks.

Computers are equipped with modern software from world leading companies, including emulators and design tools for microprocessors and single-chip microcomputers; database management systems; software development systems, and the like.

Laboratories. The laboratory of geo-information technologies is created at the faculty with the support of company Jeppesen of the Boeing Corporation, and the laboratory of satellite engineering jointly with the microsatellites communication station, computer class of TEMPUS project for the design of automation systems and 3-D modeling.

With the support of Motorola, it was created an engineering-training laboratory of digital signal processing LDSP, where students study a modern microprocessor technology. At the faculty is also exist a training center of the company Analog devices - known manufacturer of electronic components and means of signal processing. Laboratories of automated testing and navigation systems operate. Scientific and methodical laboratory of «National Instruments» and «Infopulse» firms was established at the Department of Automation of Experimental Studies.

Scientific school of modern navigation systems was created at the faculty.