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Specialty 152 "Metrology and information-measurement engineering"


Підготовка бакалаврів за спеціальністю 152 «Метрологія та інформаційно-вимірювальна техніка» (спеціалізація “Інформаційні вимірювальні технології та системи”) ( та магістрів за спеціалізацією  “Інформаційні вимірювальні технології та системи” ( здійснюється кафедрою автоматизації експериментальних досліджень (АЕД), яка з 2018 року входить до складу  Приладобудівного факультету  (ПБФ).


We prepare professionals who work in the information technology, IT professionals. Our direction is Computer Systems for obtaining quantitative information directly from the studied object and its subsequent processing. In such systems measuring devices are combined with computer complexes. The targeted objects for information can be industrial facilities, technological processes, vehicles, power grids, gas pipelines, spacecraft, aircraft systems, biological objects, medical equipment, audio and video sources, etc. So, they are computer automation systems of testing, monitoring, diagnostics, measurements, monitoring, forecasting and warning, and experiments in various branches of industries, science and technology.

Modern means of obtaining sensor data are complex microprocessor systems with their operating systems of real-time, specialized networks, interfaces, software. Our students learn to develop such embedded systems, and study computer-aided design tools. All major modern programming techniques are used for experimental data processing, storage, display, and transfer in the computer systems. Our students learn system and application programming, database programming, client-server technologies, networking and Internet programming, Web-technologies, development of embedded / mobile software, digital signal processing, methods of data processing, and system and measuring technologies.

We have significant advantages over traditional IT specialties in the areas where the software interacts directly with the computer systems hardware. Thus, many of our graduates work as developers of embedded software, system software, drivers, mobile devices, signal, sound and images processing, telecommunication devices, automotive systems, automation, environmental monitoring data processing. Modern computer technology skills allow them to work successfully in the traditional areas of IT, namely application and system software development, electronic and measuring equipment in the fields of IT and electronics, quality control, standardization and certification.

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