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Preparing students

Areas and specialties of students training at the FASS:

    • Bachelors' and Master's course's
      • Aircrafts and Helicopters
      • Metrology and Measuring Technique
      • Метрологія та вимірювальна техніка
      • Information Measuring Technologies and Systems
    • Doctor of Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy (Phd) 
      • Gyroscopes and Navigation Systems
      • Apparatus and Methods for Measuring Electric and Magnetic Quantities

Students learn:

  • the fundamentals of the modern theory of control;
  • methods and tools for design and test of control systems;
  • use of computer systems for the design of hardware and software; operating of computer networks (Autocad, P-Cad, ORCad, MicroCad, P-Spice, VHDL, FreeBSD, Internet-programming, Arc Net, Ethernet, OS Novell);
  • information protection in computer networks, the design of data- and knowledge bases, expert and searching computer systems (SQL, Oracle, Fox Pro, Paradox, Access, CASE-technology);
  • hardware and software microprocessor technology and computer processing;
  • aerodynamics and theory of flight;
  • fundamentals, application methods, and facilities for design and manufacturing of aircrafts;
  • fundamentals of development, manufacturing, and use of measuring instruments;
  • work with the basic means of computer data processing, development of applied
  • algorithmic and software engineering of the computer systems (MS Office, FreeBSD, Pascal, Delphi, C/C++, C#, Java, Assembler, Mathematica Matlab, Math CAD, LAB View, LAB Windows, InTouch and others.

Students acquire knowledge and skill of:

design of unmanned and light manned aircrafts, technology of flying vehicles manufacturing

design of systems for orientation and stabilization of satellites

electronics, microprocessor, measuring and computer technolo

tools and software for tesring of object and systems

computer modeling of objects and processes, computer design of technical systems

information processing, GIS