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Levels of higher education. Training of students at the FASS is carried out at several levels of higher education. The first (Bachelor's, I - IV academic years) - the students acquire basic knowledge of physics, mathematics, mechanics, computer science, informatics, and special disciplines. During the IV year, they defend bachelor's course work and receive qualification degree “Bachelor”. At the second level (Magistracy, V - VI years) training is carried out according to the "Master" program. Students are trained and acquire relevant skills in the laboratories. Additionally, students have the opportunity to continue their education in a graduate course, and then in a doctoral candidacy of the University.

Terms of specialists training: Bachelor (b) - 4 years; Master (m) - 2 years (standard terms of training in Bachelor course and Magistracy), Graduate course / Doctoral candidacy - 3 years (4 years by the correspondence study).

Training of specialists is carried out on the full-time and correspondence forms of education.

Students gain fundamental mathematical, engineering and professional grounding, become proficient in the professional use of computers and networks, modern information technology.